Friday, 28 October 2011

Moving On

Sometimes when things seem hard,

And life just gets more tough,

When it feels like there's no way of fighting through,

Because it always feels so rough,

Just remember that it's just a phase,

That it will soon pass through,

All of a sudden you won't feel this way,

So just stay strong for you,

Stay strong so that one day,

You can look back and believe,

That these things are sent to make us stronger,

And also to deceive,

They are there, I guess,

To teach us that, life needs these low's and high's,

To show us that sometimes there is a blessing,

In a treacherous disguise,

If we didn't deal with these things,

We would know what to do,

We wouldn't know how to act,

Because our feelings we'd have never knew,

So even though it's hard for you,

Just keep heading on your way,

Because one day in the future,

You'll be thankful for this day,

You'll be thankful for the times of hardship,

Stress, Heartbreak, Love, Anger, Pain,

Because when you have something else drag you down,

You can learn from the past again.

Written By Kayleigh Wright



Thursday, 27 October 2011


You are not just my friend,
Not just my lover,
You are not just who I talk to,
You are not like any other,

You care about people,
You think about their every need,
You think about what makes them happy,
You work hard to succeed,

In maintaining a good friendship,
Through the good times and the bad,
To be a shoulder for your friends to cry on,
When they feel confused and sad,

I always feel better,
Whenever you are there,
Whenever I feel troubled,
It is with you that I share,

The depressing stories,
The horrible dreams,
The stressful days,
When nothing is at it seems,

Whenever  I may need guidance,
Advice on what to do,
What the best option would be, to move forward,
And I value such opinions from you,

You are not just my boyfriend,
But more than a friend to me,
You are my guardian angel,
You bring out the best in me.

Written By Kayleigh Wright




This was written when I was with my ex boyfriend, as the poem says I felt he was more than a friend, and more than a boyfriend, we are still friends and he's still there to offer advice to me. Thank you for being there Paul and I hope you know I truly appreciate it.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thank You Jenny

Through all the years that I have known you,

You helped me to gain my strength,

You were always listening and advising me,

You would always go to any length,

Now unfortunately I have to say goodbye,

And also good luck too,

Because you deserve to be happy

And I know I'll miss you,

I'll miss your warmness,

And your fuzzy personality,

I'll miss the help, and guidance from all of the years,

That you have given me,

I wish you the best of luck,

You'll be great in this new job too,

Just as you were great with helping me out of my big black hole,

And helping me pull through,

So thank you for everything,

For being there, and being you,

You will change so many other's lives,

And get the credit you are overdue,

You are a great support worker,

You are very special indeed,

You gave me and so many other people,

That bond and friendship that they need,

Once again thank you,

For all your help for us people in need,

Of a shoulder to cry on, a friendship,

Helping our worries be freed.

Thank you Jenny for everything!!


I wrote this on the 28/10/2010 at 2:25pm as I was regularly attending 408 and Jenny would always help me through everything. I wrote his when she left to work in a different place to thank her for the wonderful work she did with me she had been there for me since I was about 17 and so I thought it relevant to post it as I admired her and the work she did. She was a truly fantastic person with a lot to offer any person that she helped. So thank you Jenny for being such an amazing friend to me.

Monday, 12 September 2011

The new me

I feel like I'm slowly losing,
Myself and what I believe,
Like my views and opinions are changing,
Even the way in which I perceive,

Like everything was just an imitation,
Of the way I wanted things to be,
Not the reality in which,
Things felt clearer to me,

I'm slowly falling down a hole,
Not knowing when I'll land,
Not knowing when I'm going to come to a halt,
Why this is I don't understand,

I would like to stall the inevitable,
The never-ending drop,
The hole I'll never stop falling down,
This feeling that will never stop,

I am alone on this journey,
The destination is unknown,
All I know is that when I get to the bottom of this hole,
I'll still end up on my own.


I wrote this shortly after splitting up with my ex-boyfriend, I knew my life was changing but I didn't know how, or where it was going to lead too. I wrote this so that I could accept that fact that I was frightened of these changes I didn't want anything to change. I'm writing this explanation as I know it's confusing and as my friend said before it sounded desperate but it wasn't meant to, so I figured to save anymore confusion about the meaning of this poem - impressions of it - it deserved an explanation.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happy Birthday Jenny

To a very special friend,

I would just like to say,

I hope today is filled with happiness,

And lots of memories to take away,

I hope that today,

Is the best that it can be,

That you have a fantastic birthday,

And i'm sure your family and friends agree,

That you deserve this special thanks,

For everything you have done for us all,

You have gave us all the kindest words,

That make us stand up tall,

So I hope today, we can be there,

To show you how great you are,

And to make today the best birthday,

That you've ever had so far,

I hope you don't just enjoy today,

But every other too,

Because we all wish you the best of luck,

And a happy future for you

Sunday, 28 August 2011


When you look outside,

Tell me what you see,

Tell me if we see the same thing,

If you see the same things as me,

You see a lovely day,

Summer coming soon,

Pretty dresses, shorts and wedges,

Sounding out your tune,

I see grey skies,

An empty hollow shell,

Lots of broken dreams and promises,

And wishes and hopes aswell,

Hopes that something will,

Turn your life around,

Stop you from spinning in endless circles,

Helping you to stand still on the ground,

You may always feel happy,

And then suddenly get these blues,

It's hard to overcome them when you try to fight,

Sometimes you will win, And sometimes you will lose,

No matter what, it's always hard,

To find the thin through the thick,

To find something good and to learn from it,

And just make a happy feeling inside you stick.

Whether it lasts a lifetime, or not very long at all,

The happiness inside that you feel,

Can give you that little bit of hope,

That true inner happiness, Truly is real.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Moving on - Kayleigh

I'd like to say i'd be your shoulder to cry on
But I really have to doubt,
Where all the changes have placed us
That you'd even be about.

I'd like to say you're the only one,
To whom I can open up my soul,
But the fact is lately things have changed
And from us our friendship has been stole.

There was a time I was your shoulder
And in return you were mine too,
Those years, are lives, nearly forgot
Your fault, you changed, it was you!

Our souls were once a story,
That to each other we would teach,
But now i'm here, you've left me,
And you're gone you're out of reach.

Written By Gemma Davenport



This was written by my best friend when i'd moved away from my mum's and hardly ever went to see my friend, not realising she felt this way until I read her poem and felt guilty/upset that i'd caused her to feel this way. She wrote this because we were close and lived by each other for the majority of our lives and went from seeing each other nearly every day to hardly ever. This is a truly magnificent poem and a true work of art, I also realise it took a lot to write what she did and that even if she was jealous of me moving it was because she wanted to move herself and start her own path. Until the last couple of years we made the effort to see each other more, we are childhood friends.

Monday, 1 August 2011

As low as it gets

I sit alone here,

Deep in thought,

Vastly falling into a pool of sadness,

My emotions tattered and distraught,

A pool of sadness surrounds me,

Dragging me further into its pit,

Making my emotional and mental senses,

Uncooperative, Sedate, Unfit,

Not working properly,

Not helping me in any way,

To fix the problems and torments,

That I carry with me every day,

Growing stronger and stronger,

The lonelier I feel,

The more deserted, and less sociable I become,

Sinks in and makes it all real,

I hate feeling this way,

But it becomes obvious to me,

That I am in no fit state,

To be who I want to be,

I want to be strong and confident,

Feel like I'm worth more,

Feel like I can see the opportunity,

That lies behind every door,

I want to feel like I fit in,

Instead of wishing my life away,

I want to be the strength to be able to,

Want to wake up every day,

Not fall into a bottomless sleep,

And never choose to wake,

Not sink further and further into wishing,

That my existence was fake,

Fake and imaginary,

As it feels like I may well be,

I'm through with emotions and feeling this way,

So blind I can no longer see,

The sense behind all of this,

I want the resolve to tough it out,

The determination and persistence,

To see what my life is about.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Only you can help yourself

He stares through the window,

Wondering what went wrong,

Sitting staring, with blank expressions,

Just pondering as the outside world rushes along,

His face is pale and full of sorrow,

Showing signs of self pity, and unrest,

His head filled with unanswerable questions,

Making him get more and more stressed,

If only there were answers,

Something to put his mind at ease,

Something that would help his curiosity,

A small but relieving breeze,

Something that will pick him up,

Make him stand up strong and tall,

Make him face whatever obstructs him,

Anything at all,

If only there was someone to guide him,

Make him see the light,

Make him see that no matter how bad things get,

Everything's going to be all right,

Its easier to think of this as nonsense,

I guess its sounds too good to be true,

But there is only one person who can pull you out of this black hole,

Who can save your life, And that person is you,

You are the only one who can,

Clear the grey rain filled clouds,

Erase thoughts of bad memories,

Can remember how to feel proud,

Of the person that you are,

The qualities that you were given,

The self motivation and perseverance,

The way you were always driven,

To make something of your future,

To make your dreams come true,

To direct yourself out of the darkness,

And see the light shine through

Sunday, 24 July 2011


I love the way you cuddle me,

You rub your head against mine,

I love the way you comfort me,

Although you don't all of the time,

I love the way that you drive me crazy,

The mischievous things you do,

The way you are full of life,

Jessie I love you,

I love the markings on your face,

I love the curiousness in your eyes,

The way you sit at my window,

And look into the skies,

The way you can be so full of cheek,

When you drink the water from my glass,

The way you are just so adorably sweet,

Yet so full of sass,

You are so funny in a car,

You watch the world go by,

sometimes you sit and watch intently,

Other times you try,

To wander around and investigate,

Curious as to what you may find,

Climbing all over Paul,

And driving him out of his mind,

I don't regret getting you,

I don't regret one day,

Even though you try my patience a lot,

I wouldn't have you any other way.