Friday, 28 October 2011

Moving On

Sometimes when things seem hard,

And life just gets more tough,

When it feels like there's no way of fighting through,

Because it always feels so rough,

Just remember that it's just a phase,

That it will soon pass through,

All of a sudden you won't feel this way,

So just stay strong for you,

Stay strong so that one day,

You can look back and believe,

That these things are sent to make us stronger,

And also to deceive,

They are there, I guess,

To teach us that, life needs these low's and high's,

To show us that sometimes there is a blessing,

In a treacherous disguise,

If we didn't deal with these things,

We would know what to do,

We wouldn't know how to act,

Because our feelings we'd have never knew,

So even though it's hard for you,

Just keep heading on your way,

Because one day in the future,

You'll be thankful for this day,

You'll be thankful for the times of hardship,

Stress, Heartbreak, Love, Anger, Pain,

Because when you have something else drag you down,

You can learn from the past again.

Written By Kayleigh Wright



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