Thursday, 27 October 2011


You are not just my friend,
Not just my lover,
You are not just who I talk to,
You are not like any other,

You care about people,
You think about their every need,
You think about what makes them happy,
You work hard to succeed,

In maintaining a good friendship,
Through the good times and the bad,
To be a shoulder for your friends to cry on,
When they feel confused and sad,

I always feel better,
Whenever you are there,
Whenever I feel troubled,
It is with you that I share,

The depressing stories,
The horrible dreams,
The stressful days,
When nothing is at it seems,

Whenever  I may need guidance,
Advice on what to do,
What the best option would be, to move forward,
And I value such opinions from you,

You are not just my boyfriend,
But more than a friend to me,
You are my guardian angel,
You bring out the best in me.

Written By Kayleigh Wright




This was written when I was with my ex boyfriend, as the poem says I felt he was more than a friend, and more than a boyfriend, we are still friends and he's still there to offer advice to me. Thank you for being there Paul and I hope you know I truly appreciate it.

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