Friday, 23 September 2011

Thank You Jenny

Through all the years that I have known you,

You helped me to gain my strength,

You were always listening and advising me,

You would always go to any length,

Now unfortunately I have to say goodbye,

And also good luck too,

Because you deserve to be happy

And I know I'll miss you,

I'll miss your warmness,

And your fuzzy personality,

I'll miss the help, and guidance from all of the years,

That you have given me,

I wish you the best of luck,

You'll be great in this new job too,

Just as you were great with helping me out of my big black hole,

And helping me pull through,

So thank you for everything,

For being there, and being you,

You will change so many other's lives,

And get the credit you are overdue,

You are a great support worker,

You are very special indeed,

You gave me and so many other people,

That bond and friendship that they need,

Once again thank you,

For all your help for us people in need,

Of a shoulder to cry on, a friendship,

Helping our worries be freed.

Thank you Jenny for everything!!


I wrote this on the 28/10/2010 at 2:25pm as I was regularly attending 408 and Jenny would always help me through everything. I wrote his when she left to work in a different place to thank her for the wonderful work she did with me she had been there for me since I was about 17 and so I thought it relevant to post it as I admired her and the work she did. She was a truly fantastic person with a lot to offer any person that she helped. So thank you Jenny for being such an amazing friend to me.

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