Monday, 12 September 2011

The new me

I feel like I'm slowly losing,
Myself and what I believe,
Like my views and opinions are changing,
Even the way in which I perceive,

Like everything was just an imitation,
Of the way I wanted things to be,
Not the reality in which,
Things felt clearer to me,

I'm slowly falling down a hole,
Not knowing when I'll land,
Not knowing when I'm going to come to a halt,
Why this is I don't understand,

I would like to stall the inevitable,
The never-ending drop,
The hole I'll never stop falling down,
This feeling that will never stop,

I am alone on this journey,
The destination is unknown,
All I know is that when I get to the bottom of this hole,
I'll still end up on my own.


I wrote this shortly after splitting up with my ex-boyfriend, I knew my life was changing but I didn't know how, or where it was going to lead too. I wrote this so that I could accept that fact that I was frightened of these changes I didn't want anything to change. I'm writing this explanation as I know it's confusing and as my friend said before it sounded desperate but it wasn't meant to, so I figured to save anymore confusion about the meaning of this poem - impressions of it - it deserved an explanation.

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