Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happy Birthday Jenny

To a very special friend,

I would just like to say,

I hope today is filled with happiness,

And lots of memories to take away,

I hope that today,

Is the best that it can be,

That you have a fantastic birthday,

And i'm sure your family and friends agree,

That you deserve this special thanks,

For everything you have done for us all,

You have gave us all the kindest words,

That make us stand up tall,

So I hope today, we can be there,

To show you how great you are,

And to make today the best birthday,

That you've ever had so far,

I hope you don't just enjoy today,

But every other too,

Because we all wish you the best of luck,

And a happy future for you


  1. Such a genuine message is bound to have really lifted her spirits and made her birthday even more enjoyable

  2. Thank you she loved it as far as I know :D xx