Sunday, 28 August 2011


When you look outside,

Tell me what you see,

Tell me if we see the same thing,

If you see the same things as me,

You see a lovely day,

Summer coming soon,

Pretty dresses, shorts and wedges,

Sounding out your tune,

I see grey skies,

An empty hollow shell,

Lots of broken dreams and promises,

And wishes and hopes aswell,

Hopes that something will,

Turn your life around,

Stop you from spinning in endless circles,

Helping you to stand still on the ground,

You may always feel happy,

And then suddenly get these blues,

It's hard to overcome them when you try to fight,

Sometimes you will win, And sometimes you will lose,

No matter what, it's always hard,

To find the thin through the thick,

To find something good and to learn from it,

And just make a happy feeling inside you stick.

Whether it lasts a lifetime, or not very long at all,

The happiness inside that you feel,

Can give you that little bit of hope,

That true inner happiness, Truly is real.

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