Sunday, 24 July 2011


I love the way you cuddle me,

You rub your head against mine,

I love the way you comfort me,

Although you don't all of the time,

I love the way that you drive me crazy,

The mischievous things you do,

The way you are full of life,

Jessie I love you,

I love the markings on your face,

I love the curiousness in your eyes,

The way you sit at my window,

And look into the skies,

The way you can be so full of cheek,

When you drink the water from my glass,

The way you are just so adorably sweet,

Yet so full of sass,

You are so funny in a car,

You watch the world go by,

sometimes you sit and watch intently,

Other times you try,

To wander around and investigate,

Curious as to what you may find,

Climbing all over Paul,

And driving him out of his mind,

I don't regret getting you,

I don't regret one day,

Even though you try my patience a lot,

I wouldn't have you any other way.

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