Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Only you can help yourself

He stares through the window,

Wondering what went wrong,

Sitting staring, with blank expressions,

Just pondering as the outside world rushes along,

His face is pale and full of sorrow,

Showing signs of self pity, and unrest,

His head filled with unanswerable questions,

Making him get more and more stressed,

If only there were answers,

Something to put his mind at ease,

Something that would help his curiosity,

A small but relieving breeze,

Something that will pick him up,

Make him stand up strong and tall,

Make him face whatever obstructs him,

Anything at all,

If only there was someone to guide him,

Make him see the light,

Make him see that no matter how bad things get,

Everything's going to be all right,

Its easier to think of this as nonsense,

I guess its sounds too good to be true,

But there is only one person who can pull you out of this black hole,

Who can save your life, And that person is you,

You are the only one who can,

Clear the grey rain filled clouds,

Erase thoughts of bad memories,

Can remember how to feel proud,

Of the person that you are,

The qualities that you were given,

The self motivation and perseverance,

The way you were always driven,

To make something of your future,

To make your dreams come true,

To direct yourself out of the darkness,

And see the light shine through

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