Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Only you can help yourself

He stares through the window,

Wondering what went wrong,

Sitting staring, with blank expressions,

Just pondering as the outside world rushes along,

His face is pale and full of sorrow,

Showing signs of self pity, and unrest,

His head filled with unanswerable questions,

Making him get more and more stressed,

If only there were answers,

Something to put his mind at ease,

Something that would help his curiosity,

A small but relieving breeze,

Something that will pick him up,

Make him stand up strong and tall,

Make him face whatever obstructs him,

Anything at all,

If only there was someone to guide him,

Make him see the light,

Make him see that no matter how bad things get,

Everything's going to be all right,

Its easier to think of this as nonsense,

I guess its sounds too good to be true,

But there is only one person who can pull you out of this black hole,

Who can save your life, And that person is you,

You are the only one who can,

Clear the grey rain filled clouds,

Erase thoughts of bad memories,

Can remember how to feel proud,

Of the person that you are,

The qualities that you were given,

The self motivation and perseverance,

The way you were always driven,

To make something of your future,

To make your dreams come true,

To direct yourself out of the darkness,

And see the light shine through

Sunday, 24 July 2011


I love the way you cuddle me,

You rub your head against mine,

I love the way you comfort me,

Although you don't all of the time,

I love the way that you drive me crazy,

The mischievous things you do,

The way you are full of life,

Jessie I love you,

I love the markings on your face,

I love the curiousness in your eyes,

The way you sit at my window,

And look into the skies,

The way you can be so full of cheek,

When you drink the water from my glass,

The way you are just so adorably sweet,

Yet so full of sass,

You are so funny in a car,

You watch the world go by,

sometimes you sit and watch intently,

Other times you try,

To wander around and investigate,

Curious as to what you may find,

Climbing all over Paul,

And driving him out of his mind,

I don't regret getting you,

I don't regret one day,

Even though you try my patience a lot,

I wouldn't have you any other way.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Wants and Needs

I have often sat here and thought,
About the life I lead,
About the things that I want most,
What I most need,

I found that I asked more questions,
That it just brought on more thought,
Never answering these questions,
Never getting to sort,

Out these feelings deep inside,
Taking control of me,
Never letting me find the answer,
Never letting me be free,

The things I need have to wait,
And remain wants instead,
Because I keep thinking about and confusing them,
And letting them spin round my head,

It's hard to know how to solve this,
As it's never just black and white,
It's all of the colours in-between,
It's always, always a big fight,

A fight between heart and mind,
Between knowing what is and is not true,
No matter how hard we search to find the answer,
The answer only lays inside of you!


She sits in a darkened corner,
Staring at an empty space,
This is my life she thinks,
The expression on her face,

If they could tell a story,
Then she wouldn’t have to speak of her pain,
She wouldn’t sit here wondering,
If life will every be right again,

She would not need to say a word,
The tear-dropped face explaining all,
The cries for help that she has screamed,
That vulnerable girls call,

She dare not say anything,
Just in case it does not stop,
She feels all alone and helpless,
Like she’s sinking to the bottom, not rising to the top,

Sinking to the bottom slowly,
Calling for a helping hand,
But nobody can hear her silent screaming,
Nobody can understand,

What this girl is going through,
As she sits alone in thought,
Why things have gone this way,
Why she is so distraught,

She sits there night after night,
Wondering what might have been,
If only she could have spoken,
If only people had seen,

If she did not sit and cry,
But to pick herself up off the floor,
Maybe she could be happy,
Feel fulfillment and so much more,

Feel like she’s loved and needed,
Wanted by someone new
Not longing for someone to notice.
For someone to have a clue,

This girl has got no life,
Nobody at her side,
Nobody to give her good advice,
Nobody to wipe up the tears she has cried,

She needs to think more positive,
Then maybe things will change,
She fears getting on in life,
As she knows the world is strange,

Full of strange wonders,
New horizons good and bad,
The last thing this girl wants,
Is to relive the awful times she has had.


At the time I wrote this I was aiming to write a story about a male friend but to keep it anonymous I wrote it as the opposite sex. The main idea was to show him that I knew how he felt and what he was going through and that he didn't have to keep it all locked up away inside where it hurt more and dragged him further away from the world, instead I wanted to show him that if he speaks up, then it won't hurt so bad and the wounds will heal, everything happens for a reason, and whether good or bad if it's meant to happen it will and if it won't then it won't.